LGBTQ | Same-Sex Marriage

Black Hills Mediation and Law deals with a wide spectrum of family law, focusing on inclusivity. Lorie Melone helps these families learn about Same-Sex Marriage custody, and learn about where they can find LGTBQ resources to ensure their rights throughout the separation process.
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Black Hills Mediation and Law deals with a wide array of cases, including LGBTQ families. Lorie Melone can assist clients in learning about custody rights, and LGBTQ resources that are available to them during the dissolution process. It is top priority to provide an inclusive environment for all clients, so they can feel taken care of and prepared for the road ahead.

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Same-Sex Marriage Custody

With a growing number of LGBTQ couples raising children, it is important that they are able to understand their rights as a parent, especially while figuring out custody agreements. Black Hills Mediation and Law is able to help with any of the issues regarding your same-sex marriage custody agreements. There are special laws to protect the rights of even non-biological parents, and of course, we are always looking for the safest and most nurturing environment for the children. It is important that everyone knows their rights, and ensures they are adhered to in order to provide the most fair and amicable outcome.
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Of course, not all marriages end happily. Black Hills Mediation and law provides a safe environment, focusing on inclusivity for all clients to be able to discuss and resolve their disputes. A third party is helpful in maintaining equality and ensuring both parties are receiving the most ethical resolution. Having a licensed professional guide you through the laws and advocate for your rights is the best way to move forward. Call Lorie today!