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A Lawyer With A Passion To Help Others Transform Their Lives

Lorie Melone believes the law is her destiny. She’s a woman of action who doesn’t like to stand by when injustice is happening. Instead, she wants to improve the lives of others.

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Lorie Melone

She survived the Boulder Canyon Flood on June 9, 1972. “I was age nine. The water was rushing down the Canyon; it came out of nowhere it seemed. My grandparents, my brother and I were eating at the Big Bear and it was raining so hard. I remember seeing a yellow Volkswagon bug and other cars just floating down the river. One car had a person in it, screaming for help. A string of men made a human bridge of sorts which was used to move us from the bank by the restaurant across the creek to a hotel safely on the other side. My grandfather and I went under water at one point crossing the river.” Lorie has a fear of water to this day. She tackles the fear with adventures in snorkeling and kayaking on lakes in the Black Hills.
Lorie loves cooking, quilting, and painting. She gained a love of cooking from her hard-working mother and grandmothers. She developed a love of crafts while in 4-H, and Lorie enjoys the creativity, design and relaxation she finds in quilting and painting. “I like to paint wall murals. I’ve done a couple of murals in my house. I just did it. I applied what I learned from Canvas 2 Paint and put it on a wall,” she said.
While in college, in 1982, she competed in the Miss Rapid City Pageant and was named Miss Congeniality.
She’s a dog lover. She has two of her own – a brown lab husky mix and a German Shepherd husky mix – and dogs were part of one of her all-time favorite vacations. “I went dogmushing with a girlfriend in Alaska. That was really fun. The dogs love mushing! You stood on a sled and you mushed the dogs,” Lorie said. “I would do that again.”
Lorie spent her sophomore year of high school in Italy, and that experience helped inspire a dream trip she’s planning. “I’m hoping when I turn 60 I can take my daughters and go to the Italian Riviera and go to Greece,” she said.