What To Expect

Couple Aggreement

First Step

Black Hills Mediation and Law is here to help you no matter what stage in a family law dispute you are in. We pride ourselves on meeting and protecting our clients’ needs from the first contact. We ask that you fill out the below Potential Client form for us to be able to gather basic information and to run a conflicts check. A conflicts check is a review of our file to ensure that we have not spoken to the opposing party.

Initial Consultation

Every family law matter is complex and no two cases are the exact same. Here at Black Hills Mediation and Law, we recommend that you speak with Lorie who will assess your situation, explain potential outcomes and pitfalls, and help you create the best game plan that will fit your needs and goals. The communication and information that is shared will remain confidential and will not be share with anyone.

Next Step Starts Here

We know the road that lies ahead of you is not easy. Family law creates raw emotion. Black Hills Mediation and Law is here to help you navigate this road and get you through by providing you with a plan of action and a road map of the legal system and potential outcomes. Fill out the Potential Client form below to get started.

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